About Me


About me

First of all, thank you for reading my blog. I really hope you enjoy it just as much as I love writing it. This is mainly a technology blog, but I also write about myself, my hobbies and holidays I have done.

My name is Frank Paul Silye (alias frankps), and I saw the light from a hospital lamp for the first time back in January 1974. My hometown is Flekkefjord, but I currently live in Oslo, Norway. I work as a senior computer engineer at Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oslo, managing the NABO group (network, applications, support and operating systems).

My big hobby is photography, and you can see my pictures on Exposure and Flickr. Just as much as I like doing photography, I like hiking in the mountains. When living the city life, I’m a passionate coffee drinker, loving coffees from small roasting companies. Favourite coffee bars and roasting companies are Tim Wendelboe and Supreme Roastworks. I relax when cooking, brewing beer or destilling pálinka. I know, I’m special…

If you want to learn a bit more about me, please have a look at the link section, my LinkedIn profile, my Last.fm profile. It’s not often that I read books, but here is a few books that I have read.

I have been writing for IsComputerOn and I was the editor of TheQtopian (a newssite about the embedded operating system Qtopia from Trolltech). But now I’m mostly writing this blog. I urge you to subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed or my Twitter profile. I also have some ramblings in Norwegian, so please visit frankps.tumblr.com.


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