First payment with mobile phone

I recently read that it was now possible to pay with my smartphone at the locale supermarket REMA 1000. The solution they chose to standardize on is MobilePay from Danske Bank. A solution created for simple money transfers between friends and businesses. It was straight forward to set up and almost as simple as sending a text …

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Digital Exam

Finally the day is here. Or let me rephrase it, the future is here! Most of the autumn semester has been occupied with project work regarding my faculty’s first digital exams. I’m pleased to see that the work has paid off and that the students are doing the examination on their own computers without any …

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First Hungarian Whisky

A few years ago I read on an Irish Whisky blog that there was an Hungarian Whisky in the making. It was destilled at Békési Pálinkafőzde. I called them, but was told off. I had hoped for a quick car drive to pick up a bottle, but no tasters or bottle for me. Last weekend I picked up a birthday message …

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Android Wear phones

Android Wear – LG G Watch R

I haven’t been a big fan of watches, but this has changed through the last year. I’ve tried analogue watches, and made early tries on smartwatches like Timex Datalink and the first Sony Smartwatch, but didn’t like them very much. And now I wanted to give an Android Wear watch the chance to become my …

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The New Flickr Pro

Today I noticed a new stats page for Flickr. Flickr has the last year gone through a lot of changes. Mostly to the better. Recent changes are: New and improved stats, including improved navigation for viewing data on your photos, providing better insight on your most popular and impactful photos. Ad-free experience (both on your …

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Microsoft Office: Save to Cloud services

One of the new things I like about Office 2013, is that the office packing is capable of connecting with other cloud services then Office 365 and OneDrive. Recently Google released a Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office and it plays fantastic along with a Chrome plug-in that let you launch desktop apps from inside Google …

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Android 5.1 for my Sony Xperia Z3

Seems like Sony is getting the hang of upgrading Android with newer versions across their product line. They’ve released their Android 5.1, Lollipop upgrade for Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet. It is not only an upgrade of the stock Android, but also includes improvement to their own …

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Windows 10 with auto update

This morning I read an article on Boy Genius Report on how wrong Gordon Kelly from Forbes where in not recommending users to upgrade to Windows 10 Home Edition. Oh yes, also this version of Windows will come in many flavors! I guess the Home Edition would be sufficient for most of us, but not for …

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Facebook Hello

Yesterday Facebook came with a new app for Android, Facebook Hello. I’m not surprised that this app comes from the Messenger team. Facebook just announced some changes to the timeline, letting you see more of what your friends are posting instead of pages. And in Facebook’s eyes your friends are those you communicate most with, …

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Trip to St. Petersburg

I was sent off to get to know and work at Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg. March may not be the best time to visit the city, as spring was not quite there yet. But never the less I had three cold, but beautiful days there with lots of sunshine. Here is a summary …

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