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On new adventures

Most of us seem to have been here and you can find plenty of blog entries with top 10 things to see when visiting Paris, and still I choose to write a summary of my trip. It’s a “been there, done that” with several galleries with photos and a few videos. I love writing these summaries as it is a great way to learn more about the place that I just have visited. Grab your coffee and come back reading… […] Continue reading →


After more or less two months in complete darkness, we could enjoy a weekend with lots of sunshine. I could have taken to the mountains and enjoyed some cross-country skiing, but I guess I’m done with winter. I’d rather walk from coffee bar to coffee bar and enjoy the sun. We only had 6 hours of sun in January and 17 in Feburary. Average in February is 116 hours! […] Continue reading →


Am I allowed to say that? It is not the 140 signs limit that bothers me. It is that they don’t allow to other apps to have success. I used Falcon for Android, until I reset the phone. I then lost my token to the app and was forced to use another app. Same goes for iOS, I can luckily continue to use Tweetbot for now. But for how long will I be able to use Osfoora for OS X? I hope it never gets popular! Ok, so I didn’t use the default Twitter app for Windows desktop or modern […] […] Continue reading →


Join me in learning something new. When I took the introduction course to how to set light in a studio when making portrait photos, we started setting the right white balance on our cameras. We adjust the white balance to get the colors in our photos as accurate as possible. […] Continue reading →


Spring cleaning is taking place at Facebook a few weeks after buying WhatApp. Facebook has just confirmed that they are shutting down both Facebook Messenger for Windows and Facebook Messenger for Firefox on March 3. It appears that the company is no longer interested in developing desktop apps. The first clue comes from the fact that Facebook has pulled its Messenger for Firefox page and its corresponding Help Center page – both now display a generic error. If you still have the add-on, […] Continue reading →

As some of you might know I’m managing the IT support at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo, and I’m doing the IT support at the Department of Musicology. It is an exciting part of my job as I get to do support on more challenging software then the office package. Here’s is the newly released department video, targeted at recruiting new students. Look at all the cool things happening at this department: The video is made by video journalist Camilla Smaadal, who […] Continue reading →


Yesterday I took part in a course at Interfoto on how to use studio lights when doing portrait photographing. A first time for me, I’ve only done bird photography so far. The course is highly recommended, only downside was no live model! Dick Bender, from the Nordic importer of Elinchrom, showed and told us how to create a beautiful portrait with 1 or 2 studio lights. Bender started with going through camera settings, how a studio flash works and what happens with different positions […] Continue reading →


Finally an Android phone not tied to any of Google’s services! Nokia today announced not only one, but three Android phones. The Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are priced to capture the fast-growing affordable smartphone market and provide an on-ramp to Lumia and Microsoft services like Skype, OneDrive and Nokia has taken the AOSP release of 4.1.2 Android and kept it pretty much stock, aside from replacing the usual interface with a custom skin of its own. That uses […] Continue reading →

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Windows Phone - Dual SIM

One of the best phones I’ve had is HTC 8X. I loved both the phone and the operating system, but it lacked applications. I’m now running around with two Android phones. I have a private one and one from work. I’ve never been a huge fan of Android, it just does the job. Nothing more for me. They both take space in my pocket and they don’t run out of battery at the same time. Keeping track on when to charge which phone is a pain! Why two phones? Well, I call a lot to […] Continue reading →

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I was recently asked how I synchronised bookmarks between computers and devices. I only do that through iCloud with Safari between my Mac laptop and my iPad. And that is not cause of bookmarks, rather to see the tabs that I have open on one or the other device. As I don’t browse the Internet much, I synchronise feeds. I use the service and Readkit as the client on my Mac. Rather then visiting news sites and blogs, they come to me. It’s so much easier… And best […] Continue reading →