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A highlight of the summer was a long wanted trip to Lake Tisza (Hungarian: Tisza-tó), also known as Kisköre Reservoir, and this summer I finally got the chance. Tisza-Tó is the largest artificial lake in Hungary. As part of the ongoing Tisza River flood control project, the Tisza Dam was built in 1973. Its filling was finished in the 1990s, resulting a 127 km² lake. The lake is 27 km in length, with an average depth of 1.3 m and has lots of small islands. By making this reservoir, a new […] Continue reading →


I’ve published my second photo story on Exposure two days ago. It fast became Staff Pick, just as my first story! But this time Exposure has also reshared and promoted my photo story both on Instagram and Twitter. Giving me and my photos great exposure :) Want to see and read my story about the beautiful Grey Herons? Please visit […] Continue reading →


I’m trying out a photo service called Exposure. What differs it from other photo services like Flickr and 500px, is that Exposure focuses on stories, meaning sets of photos. The first that stroke me was that Exposure is the most stylish service out there (also beautifully presented on mobile phones), and as I started preparing my first story I found it to be very simple to use, with gallery upload and creation handled through my preferred desktop web browser. Exposure is a fantastic […] Continue reading →


Last week I visited Belgium for the first time. A friend invited me down to photograph kingfishers. He called me a few days before the eggs were about the hatch, and I managed to find a long weekend where I could take days off from work. Tickets were not cheap buying them only days before departure. I ended up flying Ryanair and had luckily no problems keeping the weight limit of 10+15 kg! It was a late evening flight and I got picked up at the Charleroi airport. Without me knowing we […] Continue reading →

Flickr - another failure

I have been on and off on Flickr’s attempts on redesigning themselves and give the service a new look. Their latest attempt is worse then the previous one. It is a photo service, so why is the photo given so little space? But my few panorama photos look better then ever. […] Continue reading →

Rogue Code - Book Cover

Mark Russinovich is best known for his über geeky Windows Sysinternals Administrator’s Reference book. Few know that Russinovich is out with his third novel starring his alter ego, cyber security expert, Jeff Aiken. I loved the first two books so much that I preorded the third one. It will hit my Kindle May 20th. I’ve met Mark twice at Microsoft TechEd Europe and talked with him on both occasions, and found Jeff Aiken to be very much like him. Very open and social, and not the […] Continue reading →

Nokia X Software Update

I’ve just gotten my first Over-The-Air Update (OTA) for my Nokia X phone. The update is 41 MB big and contains: Microsoft OneDrive and Contact Transfer apps added Updated version of Nokia Store Improvements to stability, performance, and usability Your phone notifies you when an update is available for you. You can also check for updates by going to Settings → About Phone → System updates. OneDrive was previously available in the app store and it is now installed through the […] Continue reading →

Grey Heron

I have taken lots of bird photos, but so far not printed a single one of them. Last week I picked up my first canvas, a Grey Heron in black and white. The canvas is a 100 cm x 70 cm and is just beautiful on the wall in my living room. The photo is taken from Bence Máté’s newest shore hide an early, early morning as the first sun rays hit the lake. The photo is slightly edited with tools from Google Nik Collection. I’ve also published a color version of the photo over at […] Continue reading →

Nokia X - Green

I have long wanted to get out of Google’s clammy hands. Don’t get me wrong, I love Android and their services, but I don’t like the idea that all my data end up at one company. In other words I’m afraid of big data, so when I place data in the public cloud I would like to spread it on several services/platforms. As mentioned I have nothing against Android, so I was very happy with Nokia announcing that they were to make Android phones, even though they were of the […] Continue reading →


This blog has mostly been about technology and photography, but I have a third interest that has been growing in the background, and that is food. My closest friends know that I like cooking, but I also like the steps before that, carving meat and making sausages. So when I’m down in Hungary I always try to plan it with my neighbours slaughtering a pig. This time we made my favourites, hurka and kolbász. Here is a gallery with a few photos: It is so different from my everyday life […] Continue reading →

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