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Windows 7 RC has already been out for some time, but I have only recently started discovering the changes since the public beta. I wrote a longer introduction to Windows 7 when I got the hands on the beta. The introduction is still worth reading. Also information about DVB-T and HDTV seems to be some of the topics that are most interesting for my readers. Get yourself a cup of coffee and read the rest of this article. […] Continue reading →

Windows 7

It’s two months since I got the first introduction to Windows 7 (code named Vienna) at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2008 in Barcelona, and this week Microsoft released a public beta of their next client operating system. I have installed it on my MacBook Pro, and plan to install it on an office machine in AD and on my home machine. I have been using Windows Vista for about 3 years now, through some of the betas and later with the released product. At the department where I am the sysadmin, more […] Continue reading →


HDTV Receiver


Just as the last counties in Norway got digital TV signals, I upgraded my digital cabletv tuner to a HD PVR. The two most read blog entries I have written are What does HD Ready mean? and DVB-T with H.264 (MPEG-4), so I thought about writing about HDTV content available in Norway. There are two big companies providing HDTV on cable TV, Canal Digital and Get (both links in Norwegian). I have Get. […] Continue reading →

The analogue TV signal has or is about to vanish in many counties across Norway, and people are confronted with advertisement on TV, newspapers, Internet and posters on bus and subway stops of various digital solutions. One of the most active providers is RiksTV, the company that has the license for digital terrestrial/ariel broadcasting. I find them to be to aggressive and not telling the consumers that most of them don’t need to do anything. Most consumers in Norway either own a […] Continue reading →

It’s about 10 days left to RiksTV is to officially launch (Sept. 1 2007), and the world’s three first MPEG-4 decoders are appearing on the Internet: Grundig DTR8720 Grundig DTR8740 with MHP and MemoryStick Sagem ITD81-HD As you can see, the more expensive decoder from Grundig is the one to buy, as it is the only one with support for the Text-TV standard MHP and with MemoryStick for recording a TV show. But only MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) is important, PVR decoders with […] Continue reading →


Please get your coffee cup before you start reading this blog entry, cause this is a longer one… Introduction I haven’t been playing with DVB-T for a while, and when Marcus Overhagen open-sourced his DVB-T work to the Haiku-OS project, I wanted to see how the test broadcasts where coming along in Norway. I knew that Norway was not to use MPEG-2, but instead go for H.264 (MPEG-4). It turned out that NTV already had switched their test broadcasts from the Tryvann antenna to the […] Continue reading →